About us

Intraskins nv is a family run business for over 50 years. Our company handles all kinds of hides and skins, directly from slaughterhouses to the leather industry and distributes worldwide.
These hides and skins are collected daily with own trucks and transported to the warehouse in Moeskroen for further processing.

Our activities are divided into 4 companies and 3 different locations:


Intraskins SA disposes of an ultra modern, automatic processing saltline for all hides and skins with full registration and control on the origin, weight, selections, etc. We have an overall capacity of more than 15,000 hides per week. Every day our trucks are collecting the fresh hides in the slaughterhouses and bring them to the saltingplant. To avoid heating, all hides and skins are hung in the cool storage upon arrival for a few hours before being salted the same night.

With the utmost care and expertise we select the hides after salting to the wishes and demands of the buyers. Several containers salted hides and skins are leaving our warehouses weekly and heading to worldwide leather producers.

Being recognised by the Belgian government as a collection centre for fresh hides, we guarantee complete tracability of all the hides from slaughterhouse to the leather factory arrival.


Eurohide BVBA is a established company built on the foundations of long-time experience in the hide- and skintrade.
As such we are in a position to offer and supply your European hides and skins in different categories.
Our aim is to work on a long-term basis with both our suppliers and customers.
Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us via Theo Cummins on theo@eurohide.eu .


Roecuir BVBA is mainly specialised in sheep- and lambskins.
Since 1992 we are working on a worldwide network of contacts in the skin industry and today you will find us on several international leather fairs.
Our main markets are China, Turkey, Poland, etc..
We always have a wide range of salted lambs-, sheeps- and goatskins in stock in our new warehouse.
Our selections varies from nappa, double face, new season skins, hoggets, bare pelts, lining, etc  in many different sizes, wool lenght, colors, etc

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Hokaservice pet cremation & transport center
Location: Roeselare Belgium
For all info, see www.hokaservice.be


Direct contacts:                 
Bernard Vereenooghe: Mobile: +32 475/267257  Email: bernard@vereenooghe.com
Theodorus Cummins: Mobile: +31 /653123004 Email: theo@eurohide.eu
Viktor Vereenooghe: Mobile: +32 496/128200 Email: viktor@vereenooghe.com 
Oskar Vereenooghe Mobile +32 495/298200 Email: oskar@vereenooghe.com
Maureen Schreel: Mobile: +32 476/235574 Email: maureen@vereenooghe.com
Ivan Lamote: Mobile: +32 495/206129 Email: ivan@vereenooghe.com
Daan Cuvelier: Mobile: +32 474/890401 Email: daan@vereenooghe.com
Greet Tanghe: Office: +32 56/846129 Email: greet@vereenooghe.com
Peter Landuyt: Mobile: +32 492/605785 Email: hokaservice@telenet.be
Tel : +32 56 84 61 29+32 56 84 61 70
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Blauwe Ras van Belgiƫstraat 18
BE - 7700 Moeskroen
Fax: +32 56 84 61 70
BTW: BE 0437.813.161